Administrative Staff

Executive Office

KIM NOLTEMY, Ross Perot President & CEO
p: 214.871.4530

NISHI BADHWARManager of Orchestra Personnel
p: 214.871.4061

QUIN PHILLIPS, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
p: 214.871.4013



ASHLEY ALARCONTeaching Artist Coordinator
p: 214.871.4544

PETER CZORNYJ, Wildenhall Families Vice President of Artistic Operations
p: 214.871.4048

TOM BREKHUS, Senior Production & Pops Concerts Manager
p: 214.871.4018

ALAN BELL, Assistant Stage Manager
p: 214.871.4526

GILLIAN FRIEDMAN FOXDirector of Contemporary & SOLUNA Programs
p: 214.871.4081 

MELANIE GILMORE, Chorus Librarian
p: 214.871.4076

p: 214.871.4526

ROBERT GREER, Assistant Librarian
p: 214.871.4073

JENNIFER GUZMAN, Thomas and Roberta Corbett Director of Education
p: 214.871.4019

SARAH HATLER, Education Coordinator
p: 214.871.4006

CAROLYN JABR, Young Strings Manager                                                                                
p: 214.871.4083

ROBERTO ZAMBRANO, Artistic Director of Young Musicians Program
p: 214.871.4088

TODD JOINER, Artistic Administration Manager
p: 214.871.4566

NATHAN LUTZ, Director of Operations and Education Programs
p: 214.871.4020

MICHAEL LYSINGER, Chorus Administrator
p: 214.871.4084

KAREN SCHNACKENBERG, Principal Librarian
p: 214.871.4069

BEN SPAGNUOLO,  Artistic Operations Coordinator
p: 214.871.4029

SCOTT WALZEL, Consultant for Orchestra Community Development & Outreach
p: 214.871.4009

MARK WILSON, Associate Orchestra Librarian
p: 214.871.4074

KENNETH WINSTON, Lighting Technician
p: 214.871.4526

Guest Services

KATHRYN BARRETT, Symphony Store Manager
p: 214.871.4066

ERIC BURLESON, Guest Services Manager
p: 214.981.2929

ELISA CAMPOSGuest Services Coordinator
p: 214.849.4376 
ILSA CURRY, Guest Services Coordinator
p: 214.981.2937

CARLA EWING, Guest Services Coordinator
p: 214.981.2934

CHARLES HUDGINS, Guest Services Manager
p: 214.981.2930


JAMES LEFFLER, Vice President of Development
p: 214.871.4515

TAB BOYLES, Director of Event Planning
p: 214.871.4045

TANNER GARRETT, Individual Giving Coordinator
p: 214.871.4080

LILIAN E. GODSEY, Manager of Donor Stewardship
p: 214.871.4042

HANNAH HARRISON, Development & Board Coordinator
p: 214.871.4529 

COURTNEY HELMSDevelopment Operations Manager
p: 214.871.4007
WHITNEY MACDONALD, Major Gifts Officer
p: 214.871.4047

TONI MILLER, CAP®, Senior Manager of Endowment and Planned Giving
p: 214.871.4078

BECKY ORANDER, Manager of Foundation and Government Relations
p: 214.871.4070

ALMA ROUSE, Director of Development Operations
p: 214.871.4043

SARAH WHITLINGSenior Manager of Institutional Giving 
p: 214.871.4062


​KIM BURGAN, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
p: 214.871.4060

LIZBETH AKOP, Group Sales Representative
p: 214.981.2973

LAURIE COUGHLIN, Manager of Creative Services
p: 214.871.4046

MALLORY COULTER, Senior Manager, Digital
p: 214.871.4034

ERIC LANDRUM, Marketing Manager
p: 214.871.4065

MICHAEL NAESSSenior Manager, Inventory and Pricing
p: 214.871.4075

MELANEE PISKAI, Marketing Associate 
p: 214.871.4010

JENA TUNNELL, Senior Manager, Sales 
p: 214.871.4025

MICHELLE CEPELAK, Graphic Designer
p: 214-871-4056

KALEB PRIVETT, Production Designer
p: 214-871-4044


DENISE MCGOVERN, Vice President of Communications
p: 214.871.4024

KRISTEN TURNER, Communications Manager
p: 214.871.4063



DEBI PEÑA, Vice President of People & Facilities
p: 214.871.4089

DAVID LANEDirector of IT
p: 214.871.4023

SHANTEL ALFORD, Human Resources Assistant
p: 214.871.4057

CARL BAINESDesktop/Systems Administrator
p: 214.871.4026

AMANDA COOK, Benefits Manager
p: 214-871-4021
VERONICA SCOTT, Payroll and Human Resources Administrator
p: 214.871.4050

JESSICA GARLAND, Community Liaison
p: 214.871.4028

JAMES NUGENT, IIIOffice Services Coordinator
p: 214.871.4087

JUDITH WASHINGTONData Quality Associate
p: 214.871.4040


morton h. meyerson symphony center staff


CELIA BARSHOP, Director, Sales & Operations
p: 214.871.4041

VELYNCIA CALDWELL, Lighting Technician
p: 214.871.4071

KIMBERLY ERICKSON, Sr. Manager, Sales and Operations
p: 214.871.4058

p: 214-871-4093
LAMAR LIVINGSTON, Technical Director
p: 214.871.4059

ROBERT PROCTOR, Manager, Security 
p: 214.871.4055

CHUCK YOUNG, Sr. Manager, Security
p: 214.871.4053

SHAWN MAHAN, House Manager
p: 214-871-4085



DREW CAMERON, Chief Financial Officer
p: 214.871.4008

JULIE RIBECA, Accounting Coordinator
p: 214.871.4015

p: 214.871.4022

p: 214.871.4014

LONNIE STRIPLIN, Senior Staff Accountant
p: 214.871.4064

HEATHER YEAGERSenior Manager of Budgeting & Financial Analysis
p: 214.871.4030


Volunteer Services

ALLISON BRODNAX, Director of Volunteer Services
p: 214.871.4004
MALISKA HABA, Manager of Volunteer Services
p: 214.871.4005