Meet The Musicians: Alexander Kerr



What is your favorite Dallas Symphony community outreach program?
I think that the DSO on the GO concerts are a vital part of our orchestra's relationship with the people of North Texas. By traveling to destinations outside of the Dallas metroplex, we are able to bring our art, in its purest form, to people who might never have access to it. It's a program I'm very proud that we at the DSO can offer.

As a performer, what has been your most memorable concert experience?
There are certain performances one never forgets, but one stands out clearly in my mind. When I was 21 years old and in my senior year at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, Alan Gilbert organized a concert at an institution for young people. At the end of the concert, he asked if anyone wanted to conduct. A young boy got up, walked to the makeshift stage, took the baton and went crazy; it was adorable! He then returned to his chair. It was then when I saw his caregiver's face. She was sobbing. After the concert, a few of us asked her if everything was okay. She responded by saying "he hadn't moved for seven years." It was at that precise moment that I knew the power of music.

Tell us a fun fact about you!
My favorite hobby is golf, but you might not know that I'm a pretty good dancer!


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