In addition to being a member of our trombone section, Texas native Chris Oliver, is the resident outdoorsman of the DSO, with a love for all nature has to offer! Read on for a Q&A with Chris, and look for more from him this month on our social media channels!



Hometown: Greenville, Texas
Education: Southern Methodist University (bachelor’s); Cleveland Institute of Music (master’s)
Years with the DSO: 2010
Previous position: Principal Trombone, Akron and Canton Symphony Orchestras

How did you choose the trombone as your instrument? 

I originally wanted to play the trumpet or drums, but I was sick on the day everyone was able to try out instruments. The next day I went to the music teacher and told her I really wanted to play an instrument, but she told me the only one she had left was a trombone. I asked her “what’s a trombone?” Then I agreed to give it a try.

When did you decide you wanted to be a professional musician?

The summer before my senior year of high school, I attended Interlochen Arts Camp. It was a wonderful experience for me, and I got to meet musicians from all over the world. I saw that they were all aiming towards being professional musicians, so I decided I wanted to do that too.

How do you typically prepare for a big performance?

My normal routine is to listen to a famous recording of the piece I will be playing while following along with my music. Then I’ll play along with the recording on my trombone several times until I have learned not only my part, but also how my part fits along with the other instruments.

What has been your favorite DSO concert experience since you’ve been with us?

We went on a European tour during one of my first years with the orchestra. It was very exciting to see how audiences around the world reacted to our playing!

What do you like to do outside of music?

When I’m not playing with the DSO or teaching, you can usually find me at home with my wife and kids. But I also really like hunting and fishing. I’m sort of the DSO’s resident fishing guide. I like to take orchestra colleagues out on my boat, and we usually have a pretty good time.

If you hadn't become a professional musician, what other career path might you have chosen?

I really enjoy the outdoors, fishing and hunting. I have thought maybe I would like to be a Texas Game warden or maybe a Professional Fisherman?

Cats or dogs?
Tex-Mex or BBQ? BBQ
Beer or wine? Wine
Cake or pie? Pie
Favorite composer? Mahler
Favorite piece? Bolero
Favorite Dallas restaurant? Pecan Lodge


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