On the Record - Lydia Umlauf


Violinist Lydia Umlauf describes taking the violin outside of the Meyerson to explore alternative concert experiences and find new audiences in exciting venues. 





Ravel: String Quartet in F, I. Allegro moderato Très doux 


“I just love it for how flowing it is... It looks like a Monet painting, you know. It sounds like a Monet painting... all the lines and rhythms are kind of blurred and you’re not really sure... it’s just so dreamy.”

Tchaikovsky:  String Sextet in D minor "Souvenir de Florence", Op. 70, I. Allegro con spirito

“This is the six people in a tiny bar story. We played this one at Black Swan Saloon as well, for Mozart in the Bar. It’s a tiny alley bar and we somehow managed to squeeze everybody in the front... Honestly the energy from that concert, I remember particularly, was really amazing. It was crowded, and everyone was right up against us. So we’re playing and they’re breathing on us so it was like a really cool exchange of energy.”

Caroline Shaw:  Partita for 8 Singers, No. 4: Passacaglia

“My professor of 20th century music was this super cool guy who taught us so much cool music, and this is one piece that really stuck out... I could not get it out of my head. He played it for us in class and I was totally blown away, so I’ve come to love her music because it’s so visceral to me, the way that they manipulate their voices and using the different timbres of the voice. It makes it almost sound like different genres of music, like from a different place.” 

Mac Miller: “Good News” from Circles

“I love Mac Miller.  I actually really fell in love with his music after he passed away... He was an amazing musician and had an interesting life and been through some hardships. His music to me is so urban, but it also wraps your heart in love. He’s so vulnerable in this song.”

Anderson .Paak (feat. Smokey Robinson): “Make it Better” from Ventura

“I wanted to include Anderson because he’s been such a big part of our life weirdly, because we just listen to him all the time... If anyone is looking for some jazz, some funk, check out Anderson... Anderson, if you ever listen to this podcast, please have a drink with us. We love you.” 

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