May 24 | 2017


Meyerson Symphony Center I 9PM

An interactive audiovisual installation that aims to infuse a state of meditation, encouraging the exploration of the structure of dreams.
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dreamSpace is a site-specific, interactive audio-visual installation commissioned by SOLUNA 2017. The work is not intended as a linear narrative, rather conceived to be experienced collectively, as a series of short dream sequences, each triggered, assembled and modulated by audience input.

In contrast to focusing on the interpretation of symbolic content, dreamSpace explores the temporal organization of narrations of dreams in order to render perceivable the structure of oneiric Time. dreamSpace assumes that oneiric Time is structured along a flow in which time is not passing sequentially in its horizontal attachment to space, but instead, appears to flow vertically along a percolation of movements through multiple spatial layers. The work aims to translate the process of remembering dreams through the presentation of audio-visual sequences, evocative of this particular temporality of dreams.

dreamSpace seeks to make the viewer aware of the fragile and fugacious sensation of space and movement occurring in dreams by infusing into the performance space a state of reverie, or meditation, favorable to the exploration of the temporal structure of dreams. The choreographic interaction between performers, audio-visual elements and viewers, results in the unfolding of this structure onto space. 

In order to unlock and render tangible the dreamspace, Agence5970 has commissioned fashion designer, Charles Smith II to create wearable poetry for dancers from The Bruce Wood Dance Project. When read aloud, these extracts of poetic texts evocative of dreams are analyzed according to the acoustic and temporal signature of the reader’s voice, thus controlling the visual and musical output.  Enter the dreamspace ….

dreamSpace is created in collaboration with:
Charles Smith II, Fashion Designer
Sherri Segovia, Choreographer
Joy Bollinger, Nestor Lopez, Kimi Nikaidoh, Dancers from the Bruce Wood Dance Project
Djakhangir Zakhidof, Contributing Videographer
The School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication at the University of Texas at Dallas