Fabio Luisi Conducts Franz Schmidt’s The Book with Seven Seals

April 3-5 | 2020

Fabio Luisi CONDUCTS
Herbert Lippert TENOR (St. John the Divine)
Mika Kares BASS (The Voice of the Lord)
Michael Schonheit ORGAN
Dallas Symphony Chorus: Joshua Habermann DIRECTOR


The Book with Seven Seals [Dallas Premiere]
(Sung in German with English surtitles)

Fabio Luisi leads Schmidt’s magnum opus, a vast oratorio that tackles no less a subject than the Bible’s Book of Revelation, a prophetic vision of the final violent destruction of the world. The DSO, soloists, choruses and organ solos depict the breaking of the seals, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the seven trumpets summoning souls to the Last Judgment, and, finally, the message of salvation and a climactic “Halleluiah!” Riveting and unforgettable.

“An artist of true distinction, an interpreter in possession of a bold, unique and clearly discernible voice.”
Cleveland Plain-Dealer