We Know You've Got Soul

May 16 - June 4 | 2017

Henri Scars Struck 

Crow Collection of Asian Art 
MAY 16 - JUNE 4

GRAMMY® Award-winning composer and pianist Henri Scars Struck creates a meditative soundscape, confronting tradition and contemporary art practice, and Eastern and Western sensibilities inspired by Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney’s exhibition and the art throughout the Crow Collection.  

Artist Talk: Henri Scars Struck
TUE | MAY 16 | 6PM

Join Jacqueline Chao, Curator of Asian Art for the Crow Collection of Asian Art, in conversation with the artist about his site-specific work and how his musical interventions interact with the visual art throughout the museum. 



Inspired by the Sacred Scriptures and the many myths and legends about the journey of the Soul, music composer Henri Scars Struck creates for SOLUNA and the Crow Collection of Asian Art, a multi-room sonic experience that takes you from this life and its gravity on Earth and beyond, till the Soul finds Eternal Rest.  The Soul begins its odyssey from Gallery 1 – with the exhibition of exquisite paintings and photography of landscapes and mountainous terrain by Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney – to the passage of death and to Galleries 2 and 3, where good and evil deeds confront each other during the period of mourning, judgement and penitence before being released to the majesty of the last gallery, where the Soul finds peace in Eternity.

For some, this installation could be a way to meditate upon their purpose and actions in this life and the hereafter, asking themselves “what would we change today if we knew that an afterlife exists?”

At the very least,  Struck will trigger your memories via a succession of music and sounds, some of which might make you smile in contemplation, and will afford you the time to breathe for a few minutes or for several hours, at the final Gallery of "Divine Pathways,” where cushions are provided for personal reflection.