Buzzing Brass Mouthpiece

Do you like to annoy those around you by making funny sounds? Have you ever thought of playing a brass instrument? If so, this activity is for you.

What You Need

  1. Bottles of various sizes
  2. An adult to help

What You Do

  1. Brass players play their instruments by blowing air between their closed lips causing them to vibrate together into their mouthpiece. When the lips vibrate in this way, it is called "buzzing." This "buzzing" sound is the basic sound for all brass instruments. Practice buzzing your lips.
  2. Make a mouthpiece by cutting the top off a plastic coke bottle (Be sure to leave enough of the bottle so that it flares out, making a place for you to buzz into.)
  3. Then create a "brass" instrument by inverting it into the top of a larger bottle or jug. Experiment with putting your mouthpiece into various jugs and containers to see what kind of sound is produced.

Something Else

Did you know that when you buzz your lips, you are making them vibrate? All sounds are produced by vibration.

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