Coffee Can Drums

Teaching Objective

Students will gain an understanding of how drums produce sound by building and playing a simple drum.


  1. Large empty coffee can
  2. Piece of heavy plastic trash bag
  3. Ruler
  4. Marker of chalk
  5. Scissors
  6. Large rubber band
  7. Spoon or pencil

Teaching Sequence

  1. Have students read the material.
  2. Discuss with students how a drum is constructed and how it produces sound.
  3. Have students measure the diameter of their can, then mark a circle two inches larger in diameter on their piece of plastic with the marker or chalk.
  4. Students then should cut out the circle of plastic and stretch it tightly over the top of the can, securing it with the rubber band.

Culminating Activity

Ask students to play their drums using the spoon, pencil or their hands to strike the top of the drum.


Do students demonstrate an understanding of how drums produce sound?

Co-Curricular Connections/TEKS

Fine Arts - Music