Make a Woodwind Instrument

Have you ever blown across the top of a soda bottle and heard the sound it makes? Here is another type of woodwind instrument you can make.

What You Need

  1. Plastic bottles and jugs of various sizes
  2. A small comb
  3. Paper squares approximately 2 inches by 2 inches

What You Do

  1. Make a "woodwind" instrument by blowing across the top of a bottle. Experiment with various sizes of bottles and you will discover that larger bottles make a lower sound than smaller bottles when you blow across them.
  2. Make a reed instrument using a piece of paper and a comb. Hold a small pocket comb with the teeth pointed toward you. Place a small piece of paper on the comb on the side closest to you, holding it in place with your thumbs. By holding the comb and piece of paper together with your lips and blowing, you can make the paper vibrate which makes a sound.