Resources and Lesson Plans

Diorama (Peter and the Wolf)

Families of Instruments Listening Maps (Young Person's Guide)

Introduction to Direct Listening (Brassy Brass)

Percussion Signal Challenge (The Beat Goes On)

An American in Paris (American Celebration)

Meet the Composers Scavenger Hunt (Brassy Brass)

"Hoe Down" from Rodeo by Aaron Copland (American Celebration)

The Role of the Conductor (Young Person's Guide)

Antiphonal Music and Poetry (Brassy Brass)

Fanfare Poetry (Brassy Brass)

Music in the Air (American Celebration)

Puppet Theater (Peter and the Wolf)

Focused Listening (The Beat Goes On)

Extensions for the Music Specialist (Brassy Brass)

Story Line (Peter and the Wolf)

Beethoven at 250

Music Can Tell a Story: Sequencing a Story (Peter and the Wolf)

Swan Lake Musical Story Time (Peter and the Wolf)

Creating a Musical Arrangement using Theme and Variation Form (Destination America)

Rhapsody in Blue (American Celebration)

Stories In Music (Destination America)

Themes and Variations Listening Map for the Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (Young Person's)

Correspondence (Brassy Brass)

Pictures at an Exhibition

The Character of Instruments (Peter and the Wolf)

All the Buzz (Brassy Brass)

Music and Motion

Having Fun with Loud and Soft (American Celebration)

Compare and Contrast (Brassy Brass)

Instrument Timbre (Young Person's Guide)

Straight From the Heart

Lesson: On The Trail (Destination America)

Music in the Air (Peter and the Wolf)

Jamming on the Subway Focused Listening for Percussion Timbres (The Beat Goes On)

Meet the Percussion Instruments (The Beat Goes On)

Listening to a Musical Arrangement Written in Theme and Variations Form (Destination America)

Promenade and Great Gate of Kiev from Pictures at an Exhibition (Young Person's Guide)

Percussion Family Crossword Puzzle (The Beat Goes On)

Introduction to Brass Instruments (Brassy Brass)

Compare and Contrast Copland (American Celebration)

Making Percussion Instruments and Percussion Jam (The Beat Goes On)

Pictures in Space (Art) and Time (Music)- (Young Person's Guide)

Music Teacher of the Year!

In recognition of the fact that elementary music teachers make an important and positive difference in young people’s lives, the Dallas Symphony honors these teachers and the impactful work they do by presenting a Music Teacher of the Year Award.

Click Here for guidelines and an application.

Teachers, decorate your classroom with genuine DSO concert posters!

The DSO Education Department has a wide variety of posters from previous seasons that are available, free of charge, to area teachers. 

Below are just a few samples of what’s available. Please call Sarah Hatler at 214.871.4006 or email if interested, or to inquire about other poster images.




 ​Mahler 5