“Our orchestra deserves a great hall and conductor, which we have; outstanding instruments, which many of them have; and financial stability and security, which we are now trying to provide for them.  This is our mission.  They will do the rest.”  

Linda Van Sickle Smith

Setting up an Endowment allows you to make a gift that lasts forever and even grows over time. When you make an endowed gift, your contribution is invested with and becomes part of our assets within the Dallas Symphony Foundation. An annual distribution is made for the Symphony’s general purposes or a specific purpose you designate when the endowment is established.

There are also tax benefits to establishing endowments during your lifetime, as well as estate tax benefits when they are established through your estate plans.

Linda and Tom Smith

Meet the Foundation Board 

The Foundation board is made up of volunteers with vast financial and investment backgrounds, all of whom are dedicated to the prudent and smart oversight of the management of funds entrusted to the DSO. 

“The Foundation board takes its fiduciary responsibility seriously,” says Foundation President Scott Hancock. “We know our generous givers look to the board to do the right thing with their hard-earned money and we recognize how important the money we generate each year is to the Dallas Symphony.”


   Scott W. Hancock, President
   Howard Hallam, Vice President               
   Howard E. Rachofsky, Vice President
   Sam Self, Vice President
   Billie Ida Williamson, Treasurer
   Dolores Barzune, Secretary
   Gregg Ballew
   Richard A. Freling
   Amy Groff
   Dennis Johnson
   Stanley A. Rabin
   Jeffrey M. Robinson
   Richard Schulze
   Donald J. Stone


   Philip R. Jonsson
   P. Mike McCullough
   Mrs. Eugene McDermott

   Kim Noltemy
   Cece Smith
   Sanjiv Yajnik

   Ex-Officio Directors
   William L. Green, Assistant Treasurer
   Davd Rosenberg, Assistant Secretary

For More Information

Contact Toni Miller, CAP®, Senior Manager of Endowment and Planned Giving, at 214.871.4078 or t.miller@dalsym.com.